We envision the Commission as a dynamic leader in the pursuit of social justice.


To this end, the Commission will


  • Collaborate with public, private, and non-profit organizations

  • Conduct efficient and effective enforcement

  • Conduct education and outreach

  • Provide an authoritative voice with respect to civil rights


We envision a society where

  • People treat each other with dignity and respect

  • Communities promote equality, fairness, understanding and acceptance of all

  • Citizens act effectively to end discrimination.



We Pursue Our Mission By


  • Conciliation/Mediating disputes

  • Provide community educational forums to raise awareness about human rights and to educate residents about bias and hate crimes.

  • Work with municipal departments, boards and commissions as well as city businesses, agencies and organizations to increase compliance with local state and federal laws and raise the level of awareness and sensitivity to human and civil rights issues.

  • Providing information and referrals

  • Advancing effective human rights public policies

  • Advocate for the human and civil rights of ALL residents of the City.

  • Respond to complaints of human rights violations.

  • Improve police/community relations.



The rise in hate crimes in the U.S. in 2017 


Of all hate crimes committed in 2017 motivated by hatred over race, ethnicity or ancestry.

15.8 %

Of hate crimes in 2017 stemmed from sexual orientation bias.


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