In Attendance: Danielle Tagger-Epstein, Alison Cupp, Kelly Grayer, Judy Secon, Adrienne Mecca

Danielle Tagger-Epstein opened the meeting at 7:46pm. The minutes of the April 26, 2018 meeting were approved.

Three community members joined this meeting.


Alison updated the visiting community members on the work of ALLY and its efforts up to this point. The Rye Free Reading Room is the first community partner with the intent of extending to a broader base. She discussed an email sent out by the Rye Youth Council about Mental Health issues of young people. The email also noted specific populations which were at greatest risk for depression; particularly gay and transgender youths, who may not have the support of their families.

The Rye Youth Council is forming a Student Advisory Board and is planning an Inclusion Day. The Commission discussed this a potential joint project and whether it is the Commission’s role to take the lead.

Ideas for activities to create a more inclusive community atmosphere were discussed including; “Community Conversations”, a “Civility Pledge” and “Story Telling” .

Continuing issues regarding the actions of ICE and deportation were discussed. Kelly Grayer described some of the challenges for new immigrants and undocumented individuals in this current climate. The role of the Human Rights Commission was discussed. A review of the sanctuary system in New York City was suggested, as well as, other models.

RAISE, the Special Education Parent Organization, has drafted a needs survey and will be sharing the results with us in the near future.

New Business:

County Legislator, Catherine Parker, filed a bias complaint against a local restaurant. The details of the incident were discussed.

Gun Control, as a Human Rights issue, was reviewed. The Commission discussed actions which could be taken on a local level, such as programs like Mayors Against Guns or using the City’s buying power for preferred vendors with gun safe practices.

The next meeting of the Human Rights Commission will be held on Thursday, June 21, 2018.

Submitted by-

Adrienne Mecca, Recording Secretary