In Attendance: Danielle Tagger-Epstein, Ruth Merkatz, Corey Stark, Amanda Witheiler, Emily Dorin, Adrienne Mecca

Danielle Tagger-Epstein opened the meeting at 7:40pm.


ALLY- Emily Dorin spoke about ALLY’s initiative of Safe Spaces for All and the choice of the Logo. The possibility of having Rye City Merchants display the logos in their window was discussed. Funding options for printing costs for placards and business cards with contact numbers was reviewed.

RAISE, the Special Education Parent Organization, is in the process of drafting a needs survey and will be sharing the results with us soon. Danielle Tagger-Epstein and Adrienne Mecca will attend their monthly meeting. The Commission discussed the current athletic programs in Rye and how to make them more inclusive. The movie “Swim Team” had a recent showing and its powerful message was discussed.

The Square House will open their doors to provide a quiet space for individuals with sensory issues during Window Painting on October 21, 2018.

New Business:

Danielle Tagger-Epstein described the Greenlight Initiative which is being introduced at the State level with the intent to provide Driver Licenses to undocumented individuals.

Further discussion of Gun Control, as a Human Rights issue, will be postponed until the January meeting. The Commission will be reviewing issues such as: gun safety, storage and zoning.

Meeting was adjourned at 8:44 pm.

The next meeting of the Human Rights Commission will be held on Thursday, October 25, 2018.

Submitted by-

Adrienne Mecca, Recording Secretary