Present: Danielle Tagger-Epstein, Adrienne Mecca, Judy Secon, Marion Anderson, Ruth Merkatz, Alison Relyea, Emily Dorin, Corporation Counsel Kristen Wilson and Commissioner of Public Safety Michael Corcoran

Absent: Bob Morrow, Kelly Grayer

As this was the first official meeting with enough Commissioners for a quorum, Kristen Wilson explained the bylaws of the Commission and the rules that we would have to follow, including FOIL. She also informed Danielle that she needed to appoint a deputy.

Danielle then asked for someone to volunteer to be Recording Secretary as all minutes moving forward would need to be noted.

Danielle shared of her meeting with Rye’s clergy about our mission of the Commission. They were very enthused and offered support.

We discussed possible budget request ask for the Commission. This would be to create website and obtain data and to reinstate Human Rights award.

Discussion of a potential collaboration with Rye Women’s Interfaith Thanksgiving Service.

We discussed long term projects like possibly working with Port Chester Youth in collaboration with our own Middle Schoolers (Rye Youth Council? ) (Big Picture Foundation?)

Rye Neck Speaker series. First discussion about DACA and immigration. There is a request for the Commissioner and possibly more (maybe Danielle or Kelly?) to speak.

Date November 16th. More details to follow

Update on the Ally program from Alison and Emily. Discussed possible trainers to bring in. Possibly reaching out to Mosaic or other LGBTQ organizations in the area for guidance.

Danielle has meeting with Dr Byrne to discuss how and what Rye City Schools are doing in the Human Rights capacity and how we involve them.

Meeting Adjourned 9:30pm