The Rye Human Rights Award

The goal of the Human Rights Award is to recognize an individual, who has worked to create an inclusive community spirit through actions, activities or programs that reflect the principles of human rights and the value of diversity in our community . This year we have two categories.

Human Rights Award Eligibility

The Individual Category nominee shall be someone whose recent activities:

  • Have directly benefited the community and or residents of the city of Rye.

  • Relate to the stated intentions of the Commission’s mission.

Are voluntary and/or go above-and-beyond a paid employee’s usual job responsibilities.

The Youth Category nominee shall be a school-aged youth who:

  • Lives or attends school in Rye.

  • Has shown exemplary work in school, volunteer, community service and/or faith community activities that reflect the principles of human rights and the value of diversity in our community. 

Note: there is no monetary award for the Human Rights Award and members of the Human Rights Commission are not eligible for the award while serving on the Commission.

Nomination And Selection Process

The Nomination will demonstrate how the nominee advocates for or works towards advancing human rights in Rye, and/or works towards the elimination of discrimination due to disability, race, religion, national origin, age, gender and sexual orientation.

The Nomination will demonstrate how the nominee meets at least one of the following criteria:

  • Fosters mutual respect and understanding and builds better relations among diverse groups in Rye.

  • Works towards the development of equity for oppressed groups in our community.

  • Works to create awareness of, and/or to eliminate or reduce discrimination in Rye.

The recipient is selected by members of the HRC. The Commission may also give special consideration to activities that have occurred for an extended time, at least part of which have taken place during the current year, and that have had a significant impact on an affected group or individual. The award will be presented during the Rye Interfaith Thanksgiving Service and the recipient will receive a plaque with their name inscribed. In addition, their name will be permanently displayed at City Hall.

All selections must be entered by October 15, 2019.

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In the space below, please explain your nominee’s contributions to the advancement of human rights in our community. Please give details as to their work, volunteering, and/or advocacy, specifically around human rights, and why they should be recognized.
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